Pilates For Everyone

We offer Pilates classes in North West Hertfordshire. 


Our mat classes never contain more than 12 people which means you get all the attention you need. In every class we'll tailor each exercise to the needs of those present, so you'll never need to worry if you can do it. And if you want to work harder, just ask! 


Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

We are members of the Body Control Pilates® Association,

Europe's foremost professional Pilates association.


Since 1996, Body Control Pilates® has been at the forefront of the international growth in Pilates. They pioneered the development of group matwork Pilates by creating innovative training programmes for teachers that ensured that everyone could have access to the benefits that Pilates offers.

All Body Control Pilates® teachers undergo a comprehensive training course and continue to build their skills and knowledge on a regular basis.

Body Control Pilates offers a comprehensive programme of exercises. They are adapted from the 'classical' exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. We believe that many of these classical exercises are often not suitable for the average person and the average body. In order for someone to work safely and effectively and to gain the full benefits of Pilates, these classical exercises should be broken down to establish good movement skills thus building the best possible foundation upon which to progress towards the classical, more advanced work. This is the essence of the Body Control Pilates® Method.